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Hello Goddesses! Under Governor Sisolaks approval we may now officially open for business again! Keeping in mind that Covid-19 is still a very real and serious disease and remembering that there is still no known cure or vaccine, we at Goddess Brows & Microblading would like to ask you to keep in mind that social-distancing protocols are still required. to maintain safety of not only the staff but the clients all safety guidelines will be strictly enforced. The following guidelines will pertain to all clients moving forward.

  • Only people consulting with an artist or are having work done should be in the establishment.

  • Client will remain in car until appointment time, by which then they will be called or texted to come in to be serviced.

  • Face coverings are mandatory as recommended by the Governor on April 3, 2020. If you do not have one a surgical mask will be given to you for a surcharge of $2.00 before entering the building. Clients who refuse to comply with face coverings will not be serviced.

  • All clients must answer the screening question 24 hours before the appointment about any symptoms. An example of a question is, “Do you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath.” Customers who answer “yes” to any of these questions should be asked to visit your business another time and to seek medical care. Clients who do not answer required questionnaire will have appointment cancelled

  • Client will be screened for fever using a non-contact thermometer. Customers with a temperature of 100.4˚F will be asked to visit your business at another time and to seek medical care if needed.

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