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Microblading after care

It is very important to follow these instructions carefully!

Color retention and proper healing can depend on your home care regimen

 Keep the area of pigmentation lightly moist for one day with Triple Antibiotic Ointment

 On the second day start using Tattoo Aftercare Balm and keep the area moist for 3-5 days. Use a clean Q-tip and lightly massage a light coat over the area several times a day.

 Eyebrows will require continued moisturizing for 3 weeks.

Keeping the pigmented skin moist with an oil based ointment will control the amount of drying and crusting. This will help with color retention.

To Avoid Swelling

 A gel ice pack can be applied to the area. Place the ice pack in a plastic baggie to avoid moisture on the pigmented area. Apply as needed a few minutes on then off.


 Any type of skin peels or products containing Retin-A and glycolic over the pigmented area

 Any makeup over the pigmented area.

 Hot steamy showers or long baths. Keep your face away from the shower head and apply a thick coating of Tattoo Aftercare Balm while bathing or showering.

 Avoid soap, cream or lotions on the pigmented area. Wash and apply around the area.

 No swimming, saunas or hot tubs for 10-14 days after the procedure.

Do Not

 Pick, peel, or scratch. This could cause scarring and/or removal of color.

 Do not touch the area except for applying Tattoo Aftercare Balm


 Color will appear very intense and dark immediately after your procedure. The color is sitting on top of the skin. Once the skin starts healing or flaking, the color will fade considerably as it heals beneath the skin.

 The final color should not be considered for approximately 6-8 weeks after the final visit. Do not be alarmed if it appears that most of the color is flaking off. Some of this crusting will appear on your Q-tip- this is normal. This is the superficial color and is part of the natural healing process.

 The sun can cause fading to the pigmented area. Always wear a light coat of sun block on pigmented areas.

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