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COVID-19 Response

There is no higher priority for Goddess Brows and Microblading than the wellness of the customers, students and providers .The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been a matter of real concern and focus. It is our goal to make sure you and the entire GB community stay safe and healthy while receiving services, during the coming days and weeks. To that end, our CEO, with the help of outside experts, is constantly monitoring all CDC, WHO, and SNHD updates to further focus on new developments regarding COVID-19. In addition, Universal health protocols, including frequent hand-washing, sterilization of all surfaces including Points of sale for customer, and generous use of hand sanitizer will as always be continued In the event we are notified that a provider or customer is exhibiting symptoms of illness, that individual is temporarily removed from the schedule, and until he or she has been medically cleared. To date, we have had no such instances. As we work together to bring you wellness at home, we ask that you pay attention to your own health. Please follow all WHO and CDC recommendations, including washing your hands with soap frequently (and for 20 seconds or longer each time), using hand sanitizer, and avoiding contact with others—including wellness providers—if you feel ill or are displaying fever or respiratory symptoms. Please reach out at any time should you have questions. As always, we thank you for your support of and trust in revealing your inner goddess...

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